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Your New Lime Lake Website

While our Lime Lake Association has been dedicated to stewarding the purity and beauty of Lime Lake as a non-profit organization since 2015, we've also been known for our low-key disposition and preference for keeping Lime Lake out of the limelight. Our lake enjoys being a bit of a well-kept secret in Leelanau County.

None-the-less, with the launch of this website we're proud to improve our online presence toward the goals of uniting and supporting our lake community while also making it easier for anyone to become a member, learn more about how to be a good steward of Lime Lake and the watershed, volunteer at an event or on a committee, and keep up with news and announcements.

We hope you will feel inspired by all that we do to preserve and protect the environmental purity and beauty of Lime Lake. You will find many resources here such as scheduling for free shoreline consultations, guidelines for maintaining your septic systems, tips for safe boating, all of our lake biologist reports, and more.

In addition, you will find a password protected member directory, a convenient way to make your annual tax-deductible donation, a lost and found page, and an online survey to help us serve you better. Rather than sending out a twice yearly newsletter via snail mail, we will now keep you updated about our work and upcoming events and opportunities on our blog.

Take some time today to travel through your new site, and during your visit please take the following actions:

  1. Sign up to receive occasional emails and updates from our association HERE

  2. Make your annual membership donation HERE

  3. Learn more about this summer's volunteer opportunities & sign up HERE

  4. Complete our online survey to help us better serve you HERE

  5. Schedule your free Greenbelt Consultation. Learn more HERE

We've also created an Instagram page and if you are so inclined, we invite you to share your Lime Lake moments with us! Send your photos and photo credit information to

Thank you for supporting this very special place we call home.


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