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Pat's Preserve

Pat’s Preserve is on the south end of Lime Lake and protects 26 acres of land and over 1000 feet of lake shore. It is home to a meandering stream that conveys the largest source of surface water to Lime Lake, as well as a sensitive wetland that acts like a giant sponge, stemming erosion, trapping pollution, and slowly releasing clean water back into the lake.

Pat's Preserve Lime Lake Leelanau County
Pat's Preserve Stream Lime Lake

Land Safeguarded

The first 5.9-acre parcel of the new Preserve, which was most at risk of being developed, was quickly purchased in May of 2020, thanks to our incredible supporters. The former owner had wanted to build a vehicle bridge over the stream, and install utility lines underneath it. That would have involved excavating 59 cubic yards of earth in a 400-foot long gash—threatening fragile stream bank habitat in the process. The owner had also applied to truck in nearly 500 yards of dirt to fill the wetland, and construct a road.


The preserve is a haven for wildlife. Giant white pines, a rich conifer swamp and diverse wetland habitat nurture a plethora of wildlife and plants on this special land. Songbirds, red-shouldered hawks and eagles live in the forest. In the spring-fed stream, brook trout spawn and thrive. Snakes and toads, ducks and otter are also frequently spotted here.

Pat's Preserve Bridge Lime Lake Leelanau County


The Lime Lake Association understands the importance of protecting these wetlands. An outpouring of support from people around the lake and from the Leelanau Community helped preserve this unique ecosystem.
Funding for the Leelanau Conservancy’s purchase of some of the Pat’s Preserve acreage was made possible by many generous supporters of the conservancy, especially Ron Lovasz and his late wife, Pat, for whom the preserve is named. 

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