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Lime Lake Association Survey
Check Your Top Three Concerns for Lime Lake:
What are the three most important roles of your Lake Association?
If you fish, how would you rate the quality of fishing this last year compared to five years ago? One being fishing was poor last year compared to five years ago. Five being great compared to five years ago.
Are you concerned about swimmer's itch on Lime Lake?
Do you feel the Lake Association has adequately communicated ways to address swimmer's itch?
Are you aware that the Lime Lake Association provides a free shoreline assessment and a $250 rebate to assist with improvements?
What are your barriers to using shoreline improvement practices?
What would motivate you to install additional shoreline improvement practices?
Are you aware that the Lime Lake Association: (check all that apply)
Are you aware that in order to prevent invasive species introduction to Lime Lake, you should clean any item used in another lake with hot water and dry it for 5 days before using on Lime Lake, along with emptying any bilges in boats?

Thank You!

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