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    THIS IS LIME LAKE Pristine water, stunning shorelines, steep forested hillsides, sparkling creeks and streams, and over 60 acres of preserved natural areas. This is Lime Lake, a gem of Leelanau County. As a Lake Association our mission is the stewardship of Lime Lake's environmental purity and beauty, and a nyone who lives on the lake or just loves to visit can become a member. Through educational outreach, monitoring and research, community building, and collaborations with conservationists, we are preserving and protecting Lime Lake for future generations. Join in! Stewardship Greenbelt Consultation Support Become a Member Service Become a Volunteer Watershed Protection is Crucial Many of us who live on or near Lime Lake prefer to keep her out of the limelight. None-the-less, Leelanau County in general is experiencing an ever greater number of visitors and this inevitably leads to increased pollutants and other environmental stressors that threaten the health of the Good Harbor Watershed and its lakes. Learn what a watershed is and what you can do to protect it. LEARN MORE Scientific Evidence Based Strategies The Lime Lake Association employs evidence-based strategies to protect water quality within the Lime Lake/Good Harbor Watershed. Learn more about the science of water quality and the methods and techniques used to monitor, test, and safeguard the water. LEARN MORE Free Greenbelt Consultation To encourage establishing greenbelts on Lime Lake, the LLA is supporting on-site consultations by our Lake Biologist. During the half-hour consultation, you will gain a deeper understanding of the natural process and science that a natural shoreline plays in the health of the lake ecosystem. Site specific opportunities will be discussed so you can create a greenbelt plan for your shore. LEARN MORE LIME LAKE NEWS 2 days ago Storytelling Event to Support Leelanau Clean Water, April 27, 7pm, Little Traverse Inn 4 Post not marked as liked Jul 20, 2023 Discovery Boat Tour Time Change 119 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 Jun 14, 2023 Swimmer's Itch 200 Post not marked as liked Jun 7, 2023 Complete Our Survey 42 Post not marked as liked Jun 2, 2023 Volunteer Needed Summer 2023 46 Post not marked as liked Jun 1, 2023 Become a Member of The Lime Lake Association 36 Post not marked as liked Jun 1, 2023 Free Greenbelt Consultation 35 Post not marked as liked Jun 1, 2023 Volunteer Needed in July 32 Post not marked as liked Take Action and Join Our Mission, What You Can Do Now! DONATE Become a member of the Lime Lake Association by making a donation. STEWARD Support our efforts and h elp maintain the beauty of Lime Lake . VOLUNTEER We need you r help! Join a committee or event! LEARN Understand how your everyday choices and activities affect the water quality of Lime Lake. SIGN UP Join our email list and stay current on important news, meetings and volunteer opportunities . LIME LAKE OUR COMMUNITY, OUR RESPONSIBILITY

  • EVENTS | Lime Lake Assoc

    Volunteer Opportunities and Events Fri, Aug 04 Leelanau County Lime Lake Association Discovery Boat Tour Aug 04, 2023, 3:00 PM – Aug 05, 2023, 3:00 PM Leelanau County, Lime Lake, Cleveland Township, MI 49621, USA Join our lake biologist, Kelsey, for a 90-120 minute Lime Lake Discovery Boat Tour. Details Sat, Jul 29 Cleveland Township Hall Lime Lake Association Annual Meeting 2023 Jul 29, 2023, 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM Cleveland Township Hall, 955 W Harbor Hwy, Maple City, MI 49664, USA Refreshments provided. Agenda to Follow. Social starts at 8:30am. Meeting will begin at 9am. Details Thu, Jun 22 Pat's Preserve Yellow Iris Eradication - Pat's Preserve Jun 22, 2023, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pat's Preserve, 6647 S Maple City Rd, Maple City, MI 49664, USA Volunteers Needed Details Wed, Jun 21 Teichner Preserve Yellow Iris Eradication - Teichner Preserve Jun 21, 2023, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Teichner Preserve, Lime Lake, Michigan 49319, USA Volunteers Needed Details Lime Lake Association Calendar April 2024 Today Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Past Events All Things Biological Lime Lake Association Annual Mtg 2022 Lime Lake - Leelanau - Michigan Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Now Playing All Things Biological Lime Lake Association Annual Mtg 2022 32:31 Play Video Now Playing Lime Lake Association Annual Meeting 2021 46:03 Play Video Now Playing Lime Lake Preserve - A Preview 'Tour' 08:09 Play Video Now Playing Lime Lake Science Projects Summer 2020 05:06 Play Video Now Playing Boat Parade - 4th July 2020 02:09 Play Video Now Playing Lake Biologist Zoom 07142020 24:34 Play Video Now Playing LimeLake Swimmer'sSurvey Tutorial 2020 04:04 Play Video Now Playing Lime Lake Leelanau Peninsula Northern Michigan 04:08 Play Video

  • LOST AND FOUND | Lime Lake Assoc

    Lost and Found Lose something on the lake? Has a paddle washed up on your shore? Send us an email and we will be happy to post it here. Items Lost SUP - July 2023 Items Found Jet Ski Cover - Washed up on shore fall 2022 Paddle Boat Contact Us First name Last name Email Lost or Found Item: Submit Thanks for submitting!

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  • Storytelling Event to Support Leelanau Clean Water, April 27, 7pm, Little Traverse Inn

    Please come support Leelanau Clean Water at their annual storytelling event, Bubbling Up. The gathering will take place at the Little Traverse Inn and is sponsored by Here:Say Storytelling and The Boardman Review. These organizations are known for creating meaningful and engaging events. Bubbling Up will present a variety of stories that show and celebrate our connection to that most essential body, WATER. Learn more about Leelanau Clean Water HERE.

  • Discovery Boat Tour Time Change

    Our August 4th Boat Tour will now take place at 3 pm. Seats Available. Would you like to know more about Lime Lake, its geologic history and the science that goes into monitoring and maintaining its health? Join our lake biologist, Kelsey, for a Lime Lake Discovery Boat Tour. This will be an educational and entertaining 90-120 minute cruise of the lake on Friday, August 4 at 3 pm. Topics to be covered will include the history of the formation of Lime Lake and its watershed, the significance of Teichner and Pat's Preserves, what we can do as residents to support the health of the lake, the invasive species to watch out for, and more. There will be many opportunities for you to ask questions. When, Where, What to Bring August 4, 3pm Participants will meet at the Lime Lake Boat Launch at 2:45 pm. Bottled water will be available. Alternatively, you can bring your own beverage of choice in a spill-proof container. Sunscreen/sun protection are recommended. Gather together some friends or family members and reserve your spot today by emailing

  • Swimmer's Itch

    Facts & tips from our lake biologist, Kelsey Froelich As the weather starts to warm up, so will the lake temperatures and that means one thing - swimming! Lime Lake has pristine waters which make for a delightful swimming experience, however some people may develop swimmer’s itch after swimming in the water. Swimmer’s itch is caused by a parasite that lives in our waters and is part of our healthy freshwater ecosystem. You can learn more about swimmer’s itch here. While it is a nuisance to get itchy bumps after swimming, it’s important to know that this parasite does not hurt humans in any way. Did you know? The Lime Lake Association (LLA) has a history of supporting swimmer’s itch research and monitoring with the hope of finding more prevention strategies. We know that there are at least 3 different species of swimmer’s itch cycling through Lime Lake, each with a different snail and waterfowl host. There was even a new species of swimmer’s itch discovered right here on Lime Lake, thanks in part to the LLA’s support! There has also been evidence that some simple prevention strategies can be used to reduce your chances of getting swimmer’s itch. They are: Cover your skin with full body swimwear (Swimmer's itch rarely affects hands, feet and face and BONUS- this eliminates the need for sunscreen on covered areas!) Swim in the afternoon or early evening rather than the morning (Swimmer’s itch risk is greatest before noon) Swim in deeper water Use a parasite skimmer net to remove swimmer's itch from surface water Avoid swimming during an onshore wind Use a ‘kiddie pool’ filled with well water for small children vs shoreline lake swimming Towel off very well immediately after swimming (certain species of swimmer’s itch ‘stick’ to your skin and don’t penetrate until you leave the water) Don’t forget to report your swimmer’s itch cases to our collaborators at University of Alberta, so that LLA can monitor the severity of swimmer’s itch on our lake!

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