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Want to do your part? Adopt Best Practices.

Follow a few simple ‘best management practices’ for protecting the Lime Lake / Good Harbor Bay Watershed… People who care can and will make the difference.


As you start your efforts to be a better Steward, you will no doubt have questions.  What native plants to consider?  How to bio-engineer back to a natural shore?  Information is available. There are many resources available to help you be a good Lime Lake Steward.  And, over time, as the Stewards program grows, we will be listing business partners and more.

Leelanau Clean Water

Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership           

Michigan Shoreland Stewards Program Guide

Leelanau Conservancy                                       

The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay      

SEEDS Ecology & Education Centers

Michigan State Extension

MSU - Managing Your Septic System

Failing Septic Systems: The Challenge 

Swimmer’s Itch Survey Tutorial

The Fight for Lake Leelanau

A series of educational videos produced by the Michigan Shoreline Stewards

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We are All Stewards

The Stewards Program educates and advocates protecting Lime Lake/Good Harbor Bay Watershed by engaging in best practices. Stewards voluntarily pledge to protect, and share their advocacy with others.

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