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Donate and Join The Lime Lake Association



Membership Matters

Join at any level - it's easy!

Your annual tax deductible contribution directly supports our mission of preserving and protecting the environmental purity and beauty of Lime Lake.

$50 - Member

$100 - Sustainer

$250 - Benefactor

$500 - Partner

Optional - In Honor / In Memory Of

Help Us Make a Difference!

Our biggest expense is science. We conduct ongoing research to prevent invasive species and monitor water quality; we offer educational resources and free greenbelt consultations; and we strive to set an example of stewardship that will safeguard the lake we love. 

We ask all riparians to consider a minimum annual donation of $250. This is just $20 per month and allows us to maintain current programs, increase outreach, and be ready should an invasive species like Eurasian Watermilfoil become detected. Larger lakes in the area, where the invasive has taken hold, spend up to $100,000 per year on this problem alone.

Thank you for your support and stewardship.

If you would prefer, please send a check made out to the Lime Lake Association and mail to:
The Lime Lake Assocation
P.O. Box 50, Maple City, MI 49664
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