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Free Greenbelt Consultation

Riparians! Have you scheduled your Greenbelt Consultation?

A greenbelt is a strip of diverse and native vegetation including trees, shrubs,

grasses, and wildflowers that grow naturally or are planted along the shoreline.

The most important benefits of greenbelts are erosion control and pollution

filtering. By keeping sediments and excess nutrients from washing into the

water, greenbelts keep the water clear and cool. An added benefit is deterring

geese who prefer well-manicured lawns with unrestricted access to the water.

Recent surveys, by drone and kayak, revealed a concerning deficiency in natural shorelines and greenbelts surrounding Lime Lake. The good news is that this is within our control.

Free Lake Biologist On-site Consultations

To encourage establishing and enhancing greenbelts on the lake, the LLA is supporting on-site consultations by our Lake Biologist, Kelsey Froelich. During the half-hour consultation, you will gain a deeper understanding of the natural process and science that a natural shoreline plays in the health of the lake ecosystem. Site specific opportunities will be discussed so you can create a greenbelt plan for your shore.

Education - Not Enforcement!

Your consultation will focus on providing an understanding of the natural processes and their effect on the lake health. In other words, education.

We are giving riparians the information to make the changes they deem appropriate to improve lake health while providing space for water accessibility and recreation. The decisions are left to the property owner and the LLA has no interest in enforcement.

Do you know what the greatest threat to the overall health of Michigan inland lakes is?

Did you guess nutrients? According to the National Lake Assessment (NLA), the correct answer is the loss of nearshore habitat – both on the land and in the lake. Luckily for Michigan’s inland lakes, lakefront property owners can help change this trend through the practice and implementation of lake-friendly landscaping and erosion control methods.

Begin the process of stewarding the land and lake for your own enjoyment and that of future generations! Schedule a free consult today.

All who have participated have offered glowing feedback about how much they learned from Kelsey. She’s pretty awesome and we’re lucky to have her as a community member and our very own lake biologist.

Schedule a Greenbelt Consultation HERE.



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