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Pristine water, stunning shorelines, steep forested hillsides, sparkling creeks and streams, and over 60 acres of preserved natural areas. This is Lime Lake, a gem of Leelanau County.   


As a Lake Association our mission is the stewardship of Lime Lake's environmental purity and beauty, and anyone who lives on the lake or just loves to visit can become a member.


Through educational outreach, monitoring and research, community building, and collaborations with conservationists, we are preserving and protecting Lime Lake for future generations.

Join in!

Sunset on Lime Lake


Greenbelt Consultation

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Watershed Protection is Crucial

Many of us who live on or near Lime Lake prefer to keep her out of the limelight. None-the-less, Leelanau County in general is experiencing an ever greater number of visitors and this inevitably leads to increased pollutants and other environmental stressors that threaten the health of the Good Harbor Watershed and its lakes. Learn what a watershed is and what you can do to protect it.

Shoreline Greenbelt along Lime Lake in Maple City Leealanau County Michigan

Scientific Evidence Based Strategies

The Lime Lake Association employs evidence-based strategies to protect water quality within the Lime Lake/Good Harbor Watershed. Learn more about the science of water quality and the methods and techniques used to monitor, test, and safeguard the water.

Free Greenbelt Consultation

To encourage establishing greenbelts on Lime Lake, the LLA is supporting on-site consultations by our Lake Biologist. During the half-hour consultation, you will gain a deeper understanding of the natural process and science that a natural shoreline plays in the health of the lake ecosystem. Site specific opportunities will be discussed so you can create a greenbelt plan for your shore.