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Volunteers Needed in June

Yellow Flag Iris (YFI) Eradication, June 21 & 22

As invasive species have the potential to substantially alter a local ecosystem, efforts are made to eradicate them when found. Volunteers are needed to help pull Yellow Flag Iris (YFI) from both the Teichner Preserve, June 21 (1 pm), and Pat’s Preserve on June 22 (10 am).

YFI is a wetland plant native to parts of Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. In our region, however, it is an invasive species and considered poisonous. YFI poses a significant threat to our lake ecosystem as it is a fast-growing and fast-spreading plant that forms almost impenetrable thickets that out-compete native wetland plants.

The YFI eradication efforts will be directed by The Leelanau Conservancy with assistance from our association and we’re looking for volunteers to help. This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the protection and preservation of our lake and to meet other association members and conservation-minded friends. Our own Lime Lake Biologist, Kelsey Froelich, will also be onsite at the Pat's Preserve event to help and answer questions. If you're interested in participating at the Teichner Preserve, volunteers will be traversing wet/sensitive terrain so tall muck boots and coordination will be required.

If you’re available on either June 21st or 22nd, please RSVP to Caleb Garone at by June 20th. Volunteers are asked to wear gloves. Thank you for supporting our ongoing efforts to preserve and protect Lime Lake!


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