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Pure blue water, stunning shorelines, steep forested hillsides, sparkling creeks & streams, vibrant aquatic life…

Make them your legacy


We are all Stewards

The Stewards Program educates and advocates protecting Lime Lake / Good Harbor Bay Watershed by engaging in best practices. Stewards voluntarily pledge to protect, and share their advocacy with others.

Why we need Lime Lake Stewards

The Lime Lake Steward program is the result of a growing realization that while some homeowners or businesses may engage in activities which result in harmful impacts on our lake and watershed, most do so without understanding the consequences of such actions, and how they can easily be avoided or remediated.

Central to the protection of the water quality is avoiding unnecessary chemicals, fertilizers, yard waste, storm water   runoff and groundwater contamination, which will enter the lake and affect the water where we swim, boat and play. 

Nature has created green buffer zones to help filter water flowing into the lake and watershed. However, over the years, much of the greenbelt protection has been lost, and landscaping and buildings can cause further harm. The Lake Stewards program aims to promote proper approaches to landscaping & yard design and maintenance among homeowners and businesses alike. 

Despite our documented success in protecting the overall water quality in the Lime Lake and associated watershed, we know this area will continue to be stressed.


Despite success in protecting the overall water quality, the Lime Lake / Good Harbor Bay Watershed faces considerable ‘stressors’.   Environmental and human impacts can easily disrupt the natural balance.  Excess nutrients & sediment, more and larger homes, more year-round residents, more visitors, climate change and associated severe storms with greater runoff all factor as ‘stressors’ affecting the water quality.

We’re happy to report that our tests, overall, show that the quality of our water is at a high level, has remained relatively stable, and compares favorably to neighboring lakes.  But there’s more to do.  The challenge is to continue to be vigilant in protecting the watershed.

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How well is how you live protecting the watershed?  What can you do to improve?  We have gathered a variety of resources from the State of Michigan and the Michigan Shoreland Stewardship Program.  The online survey at is highly instructive and will provide you with an evaluation for your property.   The survey will provide you with specific, customized feedback and recommendations.

Ready to do your part? 

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As you start your efforts to be a better Steward you will no doubt have questions.  What native plants to consider?  How to bio-engineer back to a natural shore?  Information is available!

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