Swimmer’s Itch Study and Control Program


The Lime Lake Association is excited to have engaged SICON, LLC in 2015 in a program targeting education, study and control of swimmer’s itch.  SICON’s efforts are focused on four lakes: Glen Lake, Lime Lake, Little Traverse and Higgins Lake.

To learn more about SICON and swimmers itch visit:       www.swimmersitch.org

To report cases of swimmer’s itch and / or merganser ducks visit the page dedicated to you portion of SICON’s efforts:               www.swimmersitch.org/limelake

Funding for the program has been approved by the board from the Stewardship Fund.



Swimmer’s Itch:  What is it?

Swimmer’s Itch is an infliction generated by a parasite in the water which is part of cycle involving Merganser ducks, other water fowl, and snails.  The parasite burrows into one’s skin and generates a ‘mosquito bite’ type irritation which swells into a node on the skin.

Prevention & Treatment

Until a viable, environmentally safe solution is found, here are few suggestions that many have found helpful.  Obviously they are not guaranteed therapies.

Shower and towel off with vigor and thoroughness after swimming.

Avoid swimming at midday and in areas exposed to shore winds

Swim in deeper water where the infecting snails are less likely to occur.

Avoid feeding waterfowl in your swimming areas

In case of exposure, application of topical antihistamines (such a Benadryl) or a topical hydrocortisone can help reduce inflamation and relive itching

Some have reported success using Swimmer’s Itch Guard before entering the water as a preventative.