Take the Pledge to Protect the watershed 

If you live, work or play within the Lime Lake / Good Harbor Bay Watershed, your support is needed to protect and preserve this beautiful area now and for future generations. By taking the Steward’s pledge, you agree to adopt some of the best practices to guide decisions you make that involve your property and the property you use.   The “Pledge to Protect” is for anyone — riparian, watershed resident, or regular visitor — who wants to advance the effort to protect and preserve Lime Lake and the surrounding watershed. 

Stewards Pledge form   ( link to download PDF ) 

As you read the pledge form, consider what you already do for the watershed and then pick items that will be new for you. The Stewards Program uses the honor system, and we know that what you check is what you will put into action. 

The LLA would like to celebrate your commitment by listing your name as a Lime Lake Steward in our newsletters and on the LLA website. You may choose to keep your anonymity by checking the appropriate box at the bottom of the pledge form. 

After making the pledge to protect you will receive a Stewards decal.  We encourage you to display your Stewards decal in a highly visible location, such as the back window or bumper of your car. Displaying it will demonstrate your commitment to best practices and encourage others to ask about the program and, hopefully, join. 

Do you own a business? Are you a member of an organization? Businesses and other community organizations are also encouraged to become Lime Lake Stewards, doing their part to protect our watershed.

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