The natural beauty of Lime Lake is what attracted us to this area. A sign that our environment is healthy is the return of sandhill cranes, bald eagles, black bears and cougars (aka mountain lion) to the area around the lake. 


Black bears and (mountain) Lions! Oh my!

Black bears and cougars tend to be shy and an encounter is rare but it is wise to know how to behave if you should come across them.




Keep dogs on a leash

Keep children next to you when hiking.

Do not approach a cougar. The cougar is a state-listed endangered species fully protected by law.

If you encounter a cougar:

Remain calm - Do NOT run!

Pick up small children immediately

Stand up and spread your arms to make yourself look big

Maintain eye contact, back away slowly

If approached, wave your arms, shout and throw sticks or rocks


Black bear


Do not leave pet food outside

Place trash out in the morning of pick up not the night before

Remove bird feeders

Never approach a bear especially one with cubs  

If you encounter a black bear:

Do not run but walk but watchfully, walk away from the bear

If the bear shows aggression you are too close.  Make loud noises, make yourself look large, shout and bang items together.